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I just started using the Arduino using instructions from the Projects Booklet included in the Starter Kit.

This is a message to educate those starting that the Booklet is OUTDATED.

When trying to light your first LED the booklet displays a red/orange/black/gold resistor.

There is no red-orange-black gold resistor included in your shipment.

Alternatively there is a bluish 5 band resistor that can be used in place.

The other technicality I had to troubleshoot was that the book did not mention how to i Tools -> Port  - which is required before uploading your first code to the board.

I don't appreciate the misinformation. Maybe this topic will reach someone in need of help. Good luck.


Totally agree. Thanks for the tip of using the "bluish" resistor instead. An updated booklet should be available online, at least !

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