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Just got my Due and excited to start but after following the exact instructions at http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoDue I'm unable to install the driver.

The issue is when I redirect to the folder with the drivers I get an error "Windows was unable to install your Arduino Prog. Port". Looking at the driver file I assume the driver it needs is Arduino USBSerial since none of the others seem like they would work based on their names but unsure how to install that driver specifically.

Windows 7 which it is confirmed to work with so I'm unsure what to do.


Aim it only at the Driver folder. Windows will find the appropriate sub-folder.


Probably it is installing driver problem of Windows like driver signed problem. Search it in internet.


Try this. I hope it will help.


PS. I did the tutorial after I installed the drivers and I was not able to present you with all the screens.

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