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I am doing it like here http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Tutorial/SimpleBreadboardAVR.png but error is the same every time i try to upload program. maybe i could change something in library to fix this?


If you look on the ArduinoISP link I supplied it shows how to wire a breadboard chip to your UNO, Upload the ArduinoISP sketch, Install a capacitor between reset and ground on the UNO to prevent it resetting and then selecting correct target device in the IDE to program via the ArduinoISP sketch. I have done this with ATmega328, ATmega8 & ATtiny85 without problem. The most difficult job was finding a suitable bootloader for the ATmega8 chip to run 8Mhz internal clock but that was about a year ago now so probably no longer a problem.
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