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Hey guys,

My first post here, and wanted to share an automation project to be used in the lab (I'm a chemist). The idea is to do layer-by-layer surface chemistry. Since I don't have infinite amounts of time to dip a slide in jar after jar for hours on end, I decided to make an XZ robot using Firgelli linear actuators.

The project can be found here.

A video of the thing in action (PID still has to be tuned a bit :) ) found here.

I tried to keep the source code kind of organized, so it should be easy to use the libraries for any project using Firgelli L12-P or L16-P linear actuators. I changed some of the libraries, so please use the ones you find on the project page.


OMG, it is so cool. I am a chemist too and I have a case about dip coating for industry. I have survey some machines but they are not cheap for me. I am not good at mechanical. Please give me tuition if you want it when you made it down.

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