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Over the last few years I've noticed more and more projects originating in Australia. In the past, you would have been getting mass input from US, UK, Germany etc.

Now, we know you Ozzy's like your tinnies, barbbies, Sheila's, surfing, catching rays and spending time on walkabout. Not very high tech in all honesty. So what has driven this renascence? A need to cool beer? (oh! can't be, you don't have beer, and why would you cool beer anyway?)  A need to cool that larger stuff you drink?

Is it like your sport, you have a sensible government that is driving things at grass roots, Is it that you've just found the internet, or has it always been going on and someone has spilt the beans? (too many tins?).

It's great, but how, why? Tell us!
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I think Australia is one of the hidden secrets and you just found out ;)

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And now they'll have to eliminate you 8)
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Nah - Just a bunch of underpayed toadies with a bunch of Made in Oz stickers...

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