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Excuse me I am French so i apologies if i do some vocab mistakes.
I actually am on a project which consist to program 8 matrix of leds to print messages with arduino, the problem is : I never used this software and i suck in electronic so i would like some help to at least begin this project and understand how it works.


Bienvenue !

First get an Arduino board, and work through the examples, you will soon get to know the software, and also get to know a bit about electronics, so you dont suck at it .

Then you can try your project with confidence.

Bonne chance!
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Thanks if i have questions i will just ask.


You have multiple 8x8 LED matrixes? (or some similar size)
The MAX7219,$1.25 at taydaelectronics.com, is a great chip for driving those.  You can daisy chain many together,  or address each one seperately, and make it very easy to send a message stored in an array, or in Program Memory (Flash memory), to MAx7219s for display.
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