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Hi everyone! I'm looking some help..

Recently I bought an Arduino Uno and for now, I need to use it as a UART-USB converter (just like the circuits with FT232R, creating a virtual serial port).

I try to use Serial Monitor connecting Tx and Rx of the Uno to the Rx and Tx of the other device, but when I send some ASCII caracters from my computer, they seem to go to the Uno and I want to send them to the device.

Can I use the Serial Monitor?
Do I need to use another software, like goSerial or ZTerm? (I have a macbook)
Do I need to remove the Uno's atmega?

I appreciate any help!! Thanks!

Greeting from Chile!

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Do you have a jumper connecting RESET to GND?


You can use the Serial Monitor.

You need to remove the Uno's atmega.
Or connect Reset header pin to Gnd.
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Used that way you must wire pin 0 to pin 0 and pin 1 to pin 1 between the two arduino boards, or if wiring to an external serial device, pin 0 goes to the devices rec input pin and pin 1 wires to the external devices tx output pin. Also you need to be sure to add a wire between the two arduino boards. And as CR said either remove the AVR chip or add a wire from ground to reset pin on the arduino being used as the USB bridge.



It works!! xD

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

I'll sleep well today..

Greeting from Chile!!


Another way of using Arduino to bypass UART.



I don't see how this is any different from loading a blank sketch (nothing in setup or loop) in the Uno.
Which is the common way of silencing the MCU.
The USB chip will pull the TX/TR pins up to 5volt, either way.
Depends on the device you're connecting to the pins if this will be a problem or not.

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