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Topic: Programs for creating 3D models of robots before building them? (Read 8176 times) previous topic - next topic


Are there programs for creating 3D models of robots before building them?


yes they are cad programs and can range from free to slap your momma expensive


also most 3d modling programs will provide the tools needed to make a scale model

anything involving 3D and measurements will have a steep learning curve, but its not impossible



slap your momma expensive

Big chuckle from me on that one!
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What about 3D modeling programs such as 3D Studio MAX and 3D game engines such as Unity 3D, CryEngine, and UDK? I tried to use Microsoft Robot Studio and V-Rep Pro (http://coppeliarobotics.com/) but I don't know how to use them.


Are you trying to create a functional model  or just a 3-d picture of a robot ?


I am trying to create a functional model before building the robot.


How about Webots: http://www.cyberbotics.com/overview  There is a free time limited trial available - after that it's expensive.  You can set it up to simulate robots and environments add various sensors etc.  It can seem quite complex though.


I am trying to create a functional model before building the robot.

What do you mean by "functional model"?

Are you attempting to do a full-on simulation (body, motors, sensors, etc) inside a virtual world with your own design?

Or - are you wanting to be able to see a mechanically correct model that you can move parts on, testing how things fit and scale, etc?

Or - do you want to be able to do both?

Also - what is your budget (both monetary and time)?
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I want to create a mechanically correct model and simulate it to make sure that it works before building it. I don't have a lot of money for software.


It is probably easier to actually build a prototype  than  to create a virtual model that
actually represents how the mechanism works.


I tried to build a prototype of a robot but I ran out of parts and I didn't make plans for the robot.


It depends on your definition of expensive.  But I have used Pro Engineer (now Creo), Solidworks, UG, NX and some others in the past but for around $5,000 I really like SpaceCliam right now. There is also Alibre which for a personal edition runs $300 or so.  PTC the maker of Pro Engineer/Creo also makes a free version of Creo Direct [/url] http://www.ptc.com/products/creo-elements-direct/modeling-express/.


Lynxmotion has free cad drawings of specific robot parts that they sell if you have a CAD program for 3D drawings. It won't give you functionality but it's a start. They have many of the drawings in quite a few different CAD formats.



Are there programs for creating 3D models of robots before building them?

As for 3D modeling programs...SolideWorks and ProE may be enough for your program. But if you start from scratch I think SolideWorks may be easier to start with than ProE.



I'm also looking for a way to make a 3d design of a robot before I build it. However, I don't need the robot to function. Do you know of any free software?

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