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Excellent!  Exactly what we are looking for. 

Weatherproof enclosure?  Integrated CATkit shield?

I will PM you.   8)
Don't breath in the magic smoke!


Excellent product !!!!

That's what i'm looking for  8) 8)

I think that the next important steps in your project are:
- 24 V input and output ()
- 0 to 10 V analog input
- RS 485 and RS 232 interface

We can not use the actual IO configuration in industrial projects ;)


Hello everyone,

A couple of months of die-hard labour further and we are pleased to announce the new version of Industruino. In this new version we have updated to a new LCD screen which uses the U8G library and also moved to a 4-layer board for improved signal quality. Please have a look at our website for more information: www.industruino.com We have also made a short movie introducing Industruino: http://goo.gl/xr5Dvq

@ Simone_550, Thank you for your feedback. I totally agree that this should be the next step. We first had to make sure we had a good base to work on, and that's exactly what we've done in the last couple of months. We will develop a number of boards that connect to Industruino which will offer a number of industrial I/O options and power regulation.

Best Regards,



Congrats! This is exacly what I was looking for for an energy meter project. :)
In fact I was just looking for the case, but this will make me consider my design from scratch.

I don't know whats on your roadmap, but for my use case I would love to see some add-ons:
-220Vac to 5Vdc power supply, so that you can power the unit straight from the 220Vac
-Maybe a baseboard with an header interface capable of use regular shields already on the market.
- Or shield's/modules combining  uSD card with either Xbee/ Bluetooth or Electric IMP.

Keep up the good work.

btw-It's not clear from the site, the dimensions of the kit. How many DIN RAIL units does it take. Looks like 5, but not shure.


my suggestions :
make the base unit pretty much like you have it.
have a side connector for a second unit, IC2 or some such and allow a second unit to have dedicated parts.

if you look at any of the small PLC's on the market, they have one base unit, and then add-on units. 

that keeps the main unit clean and gives everyone the option of stuffing the add-on with all the circuits they want.

I am looking for dimensional layout of the terminal board.  that way, I can make my own for my needs.



Hi, first of all congratulations!! I like the idea, it's almost what I'm looking for..
It's always the same problem with all those arduino, there is a lot of shields and modules but it's almost impossible to find a proper box where everything can fit.
All my arduino project look like junk of wires which is not really good from a reliability point of view..

However, I see one important point/suggestion:
it would be good if we could directly put 1-2 existing shield into your box. The actually design does not seems to be optimized for that (please, correct me if I'm wrong).
Almost all those shield arduino Uno/Leonardo compatible have the same format/size so it should be possible to do something.. That would make your Industruino much more flexible, people could put a ethernet/SD card/bluetooth/RS485/motor driver shield according to their needs.

For example, in one of my project, I have an SD card shield and a bluetooth shield, is there any way to integrate those parts into the industruino?

If that cannot fit into the actual industruino package, it could be some kind of extra module connected to the main industruino. Those external modules could have the appearance of the current industruino but without the screen&uC board.. that would provide much more flexibility!

What is your point of view? does it make any sense to you?


Second the 24V IO... that would make this nice for Industrial integration projects.

Also, this will go well in a Shapeoko cabinet.  Even better, if the Stepper Shield were built into a particular model of this design.

I could see people really wanting direction keys for moving the Shapeoko with this.  Very nice project.


congrats - a great idea and great execution.  For industrial use I would suggest adopting a modular approach - the variety (and physical size) of some of the I/O that is going to be popular in this application probably won't fit well inside your enclosure and would want to be electrically (and EMF noise) seperated anyway. e..g I'm thinking maybe 8 Mains rated relay's would be a very common application but tricky to fit inside your enclosure safely to a degree that anyone would be comfortable using in a safety regulated industrial setting. One definite on my wish list though has to be the Ethernet interface. With that and probably i2C and RS232 and RS485 interfaces exposed you would cast the Industruino as the intelligent hub of a solution that could displace many PLC  and more expensive microcontroller based solutions.

Other posters referrenced bringing the I/O out on a side connector to allow daisychaining to I/O modules on the DIN rail. Thats a common technique in the industry but one I personally find a little inflexible when one has a lot of I/O as it means you need a long single run of DIN rail which is often awkward to accomodate. extending on ribbon cable might be an option but is harder to suppress interference on low voltage I/O lines so personally I would stick with the individual I/O screw terminals you have and allow people to add on your or others external boards.

I assume you have seen this?  http://www.ruggedcircuits.com/ruggeduino/
Have you gone for similar levels of electrical protection for the microcontroller in your design? That is pretty much necessary to install in industrial situations unless you want to end up with a lot of broken units by careless installers :-)

Great job - will be following with interest and as soon as a board with inbuilt ethernet and maybe some of those serial interfaces is available I'll definitely be buying one to evaluate.

good job.


Hi, industrino looks like! very good project.
I know another project similar, more or less also less than more :P, its industrialshields. you can see in www.industrialshields.com
Do you sell industrino in industrialshields web? they have an industrial platform to develop projects and sell products. It will be look like to see industrino there.

Thanks, very good project!!!!! :)


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the great feedback! We have listened closely and tried to implement as much of the requests as possible.

@hangas: Thank you for your suggestions. We are also developing a Mega version which will have space in the enclosure to host standard Arduino shields. Regarding mains power: We will offer industry DIN-rail power supplies on our website. We prefer this route as it is avoids a lot of the safety concern of an internal mains power supply. It would also be more flexible, allowing users to choose a power supply of the right amount of power for their specific  sensors/actuators.

@damien09: Please see our new EXP baseboard which adds an expansion connector for optional external modules.

@magno32: lets get in touch! I would definitely be interested in producing a Shapeoko baseboard for Industruino, but I would need design support.

@gsalerni: Please have a look at our EXP baseboard for expansion module or IND.I/O baseboard for a ready to go solution that has isolated industrial level I/O.


Apr 10, 2014, 12:34 pm Last Edit: Jun 09, 2015, 03:29 pm by Loic
We are very please to announce 3 new products to complement our Industruino range of products!

1. Ethernet DIN Expansion Module

2. IND.I/O baseboard (industrial level I/O interface baseboard).

3. EXP baseboard (same as standard Industruino but with 14P IDC expansion port for external modules, plus a  7-28Vin -> 5V/2A switching voltage regulator).

Please have a look at our website for all details: www.industruino.com


specs look good Loic. Question on the RS485 - is that on the Indo IO only or on the EXP baseboard as well? From the pinouts it looks like that is using the same TX/RX lines as the mainboard so I can use serial levels on the mainboard/baseboard but this is replaced by RS485 levels on the IO baseboard - I no longer have both is that correct?
The diagram on the Industruino website suggests Modbus slave as a possible usage of the Industruino over it's RS485 connector. Any limiting factor that would stop it being Modbus master (sketch permitting of course)?
Great job! I'll be ordering one up now with Ethernet module and EXP or Ind I/O.


Apr 16, 2014, 08:34 pm Last Edit: Apr 16, 2014, 08:42 pm by Loic Reason: 1
Hello Guy,

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad to hear you like the look of our new products.

The RS485 transceiver is only included on the IND.I/O board, but could be easily added to the EXP board because it has a large prototyping area. On the IND.I/O the RS485 transceiver is indeed connected to the RX/TX lines of the mainboard but the RX/TX lines are also present on the 14p expansion port, so in case you don't use the RS485 portion of the IND.I/O you can still use the standard UART.

Modbus slave and master both run on the same RS485 hardware so INDO.I/O supports master mode.
I have libraries for both Modbus slave and Modbus master but I personally have only used the slave library. We ported the libraries from this source to run on the Leonardo: https://code.google.com/p/simple-modbus/

Best Regards,



Just to know: CE certification?.




yes, CE would be nice..

where to Buy? On your Page it is out of Stock :(


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