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Hello everyone!

So i need help with coding, as i am quite new. But! i have everything set up and working cause it works on the test and example coing.
heres what i got!
Im using an Arduino uno!
So i have my servos plugged into my breadboard and they run to Pin9.
So i need to program them to on a push of a button rotate back 180 and stop until i push the button again and then rotate forward 180.

Now i dont have a button yet. But isnt there a way to test it inside the arduino program itself?


Have you checked the tutorial about servos's e.g. - http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Knob -
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You don't need a button to test this. Use a jumper wire to short out the 2 contacts on the breadboard where the button will be when you get it.
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Just connect these wires like n attachments.

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