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I have used the Esplora + Adafruit 1.8" LCD Display combo to host the game Pong.  Originally by David Rutherford on another Arduino, I ported his code and added Esplora input.

More at http://21stdigitalhome.blogspot.com/ including code.


It's a very classic and gorgeus porting !!!
It's the style of vintage  ^_^
Se corri veloce come un fulmine, ti schianterai come un tuono.


Thanks.  I was actually thinking last night that the wiring should allow for hardware SPI which would speed the game beyond playable - then it would be simple enough to use the sliding potentiometer as a speed control.  If there is interest in this post and I'll see about slight code changes.


So has anyone downloaded to try?


Hi, I tried it ! It works well !
I also did mine from scratch, available on github : https://github.com/AbsolutRenal/Arduino-Pong


I'm using a standard Esplora clone with a TFT Screen, but the EsploraTFT library doesn't seem to work for this example?  I tried installing the Adafruit Libraries also, but still no luck.  Any idea how I cgo about translating Adafruit_GFX functions to EsploraTFT functions?


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