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While working in my main Project I found some kool figures could be generated by using the Ellipse Equation with Processing. I posted in the forum tying to get some one motivatted to animate the figures as my time is really limited. Since no one did it I resolved to do it myself.

-Arduino UNO to sample the analog audio signal and send it to the computer via USB.
-Processing 1.5.1.

- Real time signal processing and dispaly. Figures on the computer screen are animated in real time using the audio signal.
- User can select any of the Arduino analog inputs from the computer software.
- Arduino is powered by USB only.
- 23 different figures can be animated (so far). User can select random sequence in which the figures are displayed, a preselected sequence or manual  selection.
- User can select show time (from 0-10 sec) for each figure when in automatic sequence either preselected or random.
- User can select the "speed" at which the figures "dance" (frecuency response of the System).
- Processing code about 900 lines.
- Arduino code about 2KB.
- Communication is bidirectional using numbers only (no strings). Arduino receives orders and sends data. Communication must be fast for real time data acquisition.

Here is some of the math and code:


Here is the video:



Here is a picture of the box containing thge Arduino Board.

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