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Mostly correct.
A batteries capacity , in this case 110 mah , is rated at a particular discharge rate, and its usually 0.1C , but LIPOs are better, hence in this case 0.2C.
This means that if you discharge the battery at 0.2C,  22 ma it will take 5 hours to discharge the battery.
If however , you discharge the battery at 2C, 220 ma, the battery will be discharged in less than 30 minutes.
The differance is made up because of the fact that the battery heats up when discharged at a high rate,
so the heat energy is lost , and not available as electrical output.


ok..thanks..  (glad Im finally grasping it a bit more)  LOL..

to continue on now.. (looking for a solution)

then this battery would work? (LIR2450)


but 'same' battery linked to here.. says MAX DISCHARGE is only 35mA?


how can a noob like myself be sure?  (or am I mixed up again?)  lol

(not that these need to be rechargable or anything.. just looking for a 'fit')



No, those batteries wont work as they arnt LIPO, but most likley Lithium Ion manganese.
Coin type cells dont have hi discharge capability, as they arnt designed for that type of purpose.
Forget using Coin type batteries.



so is this datasheet just 'bs' then?


or am I reading it wrong/missing something?

(even though now I understand forget about coin cell.. I am just curious as its still confusing compared to other (same) pieces of data, in other datasheets/websites I have seen/we've been reviewing)..



You would have to try one and see.

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