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i'm new here.
i have some parts that i don't know what are they and what are they doing.
can anybody help me?

here is a picture of them:


#1 is just white, but I'm guessing capacitor
#2 is a transistor of some sort - the marking will tell you what - may even be a voltage regulator
#3 looks like an electric hot cross bun
#4 is capacitors
#5 is an LED (possibly IR)

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#3 is a 38KHz IR receiver.

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#1 not sure - need a better photo.
#2 LM35 temperature sensor (can just resolve the lettering)
#4 Almost certainly electrolytic capacitors, but we can't see the relevant info on can - just the manufacturer's logo
#5 Probably IR LED (possibly a photo-diode or photo-transistor)
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Judging by the marking #2 is a LM35 temperature sensor.

I agree with Docedison, I've got an IR receiver like that, which means #5 is probably an IR transmitter LED.

#1 looks a bit like a LDR (light dependent resistor). Is it flat inside with a squiggly line like this?

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Thank you guys!
Nick the sensor looks like this,i belleve it is LDR as you said.
Thanks again!

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