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May 21, 2015, 05:35 pm Last Edit: May 21, 2015, 05:45 pm by BerserX
I'm totally new to anything microprocessor- or microcontroller-oriented. What does the pinout diagram mean? I'm trying to hook up a Radioshack servo motor to my Arduino Esplora (figured I could use the buttons to make it move forward and backward), but I have no idea what to hook the motor up to. I thought I could just hook the motor straight to the Tinkerkit outputs, but its pins are "signal, 5V, GND," instead of the outputs' "5V, signal, GND" (from the diagram).

I don't understand what all of the letter/number designations on the Esplora pinout diagram are. Could someone explain them to me, or direct me to another thread?

I appreciate it.

I just read where the Esplora does not have traditional inputs/outputs, and the pin sockets next to the buttons and joystick are for an LCD monitor. Does this mean I cannot directly hook a motor up to the Esplora? I also have an Uno that I am teaching myself to use. Is it possible to control the Uno with the Esplora?

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