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I'm looking to get the new Microsoft tablet and was wondering if the arduino software works on it. I'm not looking to upload, just compile. Does anyone know if it does work?
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"new Microsoft tablet"?  Is that the $500 Surface Windows RT or the $900 Surface Windows 8 Pro?  In the Surface Windows RT (ARM processor) case you have to first figure out how to install Java programs on it.  In the Surface Windows 8 Pro (Intel processor) case it would probably work because it runs a version of Windows 8.

A search of the Surface website turned up nothing about Java on Surface Windows RT (or Surface Windows 8 Pro, for that matter).

If you wan to run Arduino you might want to spend the extra $400 for the 8 Pro.

You might be able to use this website for doing test compiles from any tablet with a browser:
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Ok, so the RT won't be able to do it. Alright, thanks John.
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