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So after looking at a few Arduino schematics/board files..

I see they all use the: SmartPrj library...

(a custom/private lib the Arduino devs have created?)

anyways... a search didnt turn up anything, and a search only turned up a few old posts looking for the same thing...

wondering if since then it has been posted/provided?

SmartPrj is what is says when you look at properties of the components...

I know I can 'rip' the components out of the lib. but using a ULP script or whatever.. (but that is 'per board/project'.. and not really the original/default lib)

is it not available?  Anybody got some direction? link?  :)



I've done the same - used the Arduino eagle files and one of the script file to extract the library.
If I only wanted 1 part, I deleted the rest of the schematic first.
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wasnt sure if it was published/released somewhere along the lines?

(some of the threads I read asking about it were from 2010 I think?)

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