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how do you implement game sounds (thinking like on a real chip).. umm, games like electronic battleship from milton bradley, electronic sea battle, electronic monopoly, etc?

also, anyone know where to get the sounds or how to rip them out of those types of games?

i am very sure those games do not have sd cards/readers.. so how do they do it?

thanks in advance.
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Many of those games programmed their sounds directly using code, rather than recorded digital media - thosee were the good old days.

Take a look at SimpleSDAudio for a way to do it from SD media directly on the board using SPI, or alternatively a more low-tech approach is described here.

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A lot of the old games used the MOS Technology 6581 SID (Sound Interface Device). You can rip one out of an old Commodore 64 or buy one on eBay.

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