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I am trying to use the library published and documented at http://www.hansinator.de/rfm12lib/
I have done as much research with the documentation as I can so this post is the "last resort" for me so I hope someone can help.  I am sure it is a simple problem that I have overlooked.
The issue is that I have preprocessor compilation errors: many, but I will start with the first one.
I am aware that the libraries are documented as being written for the avr-gcc compiler.  In fact I am using the Arduino IDE.  However I do not see why this should be the problem.  At this point I do not particularly want to invest the time in understanding the avr-gcc world.

The first compiler error is
C:\Users\James\Documents\Arduino\libraries\rfm12\/include/rfm12_core.h:196:3: error: #error "Unsupported RFM12 baseband selected."

This is the sketch:
#include <Arduino.h>  (note:  I do not actually understand why I need this, but it did remove many other compiler errors)
#include <rfm12_config.h>
#include <rfm12.h>

void setup ()

void loop ()

and here are code fragments from the library files:

From rfm12_config.h:
#define RFM12_BASEBAND RFM12_BAND_433

From rfm12.c
#include "include/rfm12_core.h"

From rfm12_core.h
//baseband selection
#if (RFM12_BASEBAND) == RFM12_BAND_433
#elif (RFM12_BASEBAND) == RFM12_BAND_868
#elif (RFM12_BASEBAND) == RFM12_BAND_915
   #error "Unsupported RFM12 baseband selected."

Full files attached.

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