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Hi Gabi,

Thanks for your interest, welcome to this forum

- Have you thought about include another battery and measure the impact in the autonomy ? It must duplicate it, doesn't it?

You can install a second battery and get twice the time
Alternatively, replace the 1000mAH 14500 battery by the larger 1500mAH 18650 model

I'm thinking too in a temperature logger. I guess a temperature sensor will consume less power than a gps so the autonomy with two of those batteries could increase to a few days

For temperature, just hibernate the processor between two readings, with 2mn log time, your battery should last well over one month

What's the point of the CR1220 battery? are there a realtime clock? or it's used for another reason?

This is the GPS backup battery for storing ephemeris data and allow "warm boot" in a couple of seconds (cold boot takes one minute)
Since my last post, I replaced the battery by a .22 Farad supercap

Which GPS module has been used for your project?

Fastrax UP501, $27 shipped


Than you very much.
Nowadays I'm waiting for some components in order to start with my temperature logger. I have taken a lot of ideas from your project, and I will keep you posted.
Best regards


Could you let me know which GPS you used? I can't seem to find it in the thread.



Did you miss the 2nd page ?
The answer is 2 posts above your question.
It includes a link to an E-bay listing, but after 2.5 years they have been sold out from that seller a long time ago.
Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
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désolé pour le réveille tardif

le sketch fonctionnerait avec nano ou uno?
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