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I'm hoping this is the right place for what I'm looking for. I have a device that outputs a constant data-stream from a serial port. I want to send this information wirelessly to be used in an iphone program. I only need it to send the information to the phone, it does not need to receive. From what I've read so far Bluetooth is a non-starter because without an MFI license you can't use any custom bluetooth devices with IOS. I'd prefer bluetooth but because of this my focus will be on WiFi(Ad-hoc network I'd assume). I'm here mostly for the hardware but I'd love if someone knew how to setup both the hardware and at least get me started on the ios programming. I can program the rest of the application display once I have access to the usable Serial datastream.

Is this possible?
How much would a single device cost?
How much would future devices cost If I wanted more made?

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