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I know this is a rather odd request, but can anyone thing of a device that could hold the bar (connected to the spring) of a mouse trap open and then release it per servo or some other means with the arduino.

Any idea's welcome.



Perhaps the servo arm, if short enough, would be strong enough to hold the mousetrap spring.  I would have the servo positioned so that the shaft was vertical.  Rotate the servo so that the arm overlaps the spring to hold.  Rotate the servo so that the arm clears the spring to release.
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To provide a forceful release, you will probably be best to use something with a ratcheting affect like that used on a winch or catapault. In those cases, you wind a rope attached to the arm around a pulley that is geared and has a ratcheting mechanism on the gear to only allow rotation in one direction. Then the ratchet is released and the spring of the arm unwinds the rope.

Completely disengaging the motor once the arm is loaded would be the best idea. For that, you would use a gear coupling with a one direction ramp or incline wedge in it and a spring on the arm. In the opposite direction, the coupler will push away from the spool while the arm is lauching. I can draw something up later if you can't see what I am describing.


Reminds me of this ball launcher: makeprojects.com/Project/Fetch-O-Matic/2449/

Well, maybe a bit abstract as applies to a mousetrap but hopefully you'll get the idea.


Not sure if the OP intends to return, but I had forgotten that I drew a picture of the mechanism for him. So, just posting it in case anyone finds it useful.

The motor will engage in only one direction. It "cams out" when rotated in the opposite direction.

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