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Hey all,

So I am working on a CO2 dragsters track system. I have a working code for the sensors.
However, at the moment I start the race by hitting the launch pad with a hammer (2 pins in the pad that puncture the cartridges)

I am thinking about launching the race by an electronic puncturing device.
Looked around for linear actuators , solenoid valves, and pins, however they talk about controlled release of the gas.
I just want to puncture the cartridge to set the car off. Using Arduino Uno R2.
Any advice ?



Keep the hammer/weight setup and release/drop it using a servo or solenoid.
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I 2nd zoomkat's approach.
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I don't imagine that a solenoid would provide a "slow release of pressure." Solenoids are bang-bang. You apply voltage they snap to one extreme instantly. A small pnuematic ram might do the trick if you can't find a solenoid capable of enough power to puncture the cylinders (I'm positive you can, though.) With a pneumatic ram, you use an accumulator to develop the high pressure needed for such sudden force (oddly enough, a CO2 cylinder like those used in a paintball gun would do it.) And use a solenoid valve to release it and close it again.

Otherwise, if you don't like that idea, you could look at firing pin designs like those use in guns. Something to cock back a set of hammers with a very heavy duty spring, and then release them. 
The only other way I can think of would be to do it like a CO2 gun works, which is to turn a knob with a pin, but that will not always ensure that the cylinders are all fired at once.

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