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Paul Beaudet

My project is a portable typing device that gives its user confidence in accuracy and efficiency of communication along with the freedom of portability and cross platform compatibility. The manifestation of this concept looks much like a wristwatch that has a way to sense hand gestures without impeding hand dexterity. Gestures unique to the user are translated to characters and commands. There is no need for the user to learn the device because the devices learn's the user. It does so by assigning letters and commands to gestures in a novel and innovative way that creates a low barrier to entry in its use. Thus giving a wider audience for proficient speedy typing and simple computer control.

There is quite a bit more ideas about features to complement and augment this idea, this is just where it is starting.

Currently I have a primitive prototype using the arduino micro some hasty code and some simple switches.

I'm trying to get a grasp on what type of interest, that making this into an open source project would generate?
I definitely want to make the code open in nature if folks are interested I'm just a tossed as to If I should put my energy to opening things up (license, version control and the works) asap or working on it more to finish a more functional project sooner then later?

Paul Beaudet

Now that I'm really thinking about this I guess I'm going to have to put the energy into understanding how to harness an open ecosystem regardless, so the last bit in my op is redundant.

What my curiously boils down to is,
what gets people interested in a embedded open source project?

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