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Hi all,

First of all i am pretty new to all of this but i am working hard to learn a lot. But here is my question.

I have been looking at the TLC5940 and i know that you can daisy chain them, that pretty easy as far as i can see. The idea for my project isn`t that important but what you most know is that i am planning to use 24 TLC5940 in pairs of 2. So my question is, is this possible to let the arduino recognize them as 12 different chains? That each pair gets its own 5 separate ports, and there for will be recognized as 12 different chains (planning to use 2 arduino mega`s).

Maybe this is a stupid question i don't know, but could maybe someone help me or point me into the right direction?

Thx for those who reply.


It may be possible but probably you have to write the software yourself, completely. The only library I know of (http://code.google.com/p/tlc5940arduino/) uses a rather complex setup of timers and PWM channels to drive the chip's pins. It's written for the UNO so with the additional capabilities of the ATmega2560 MCU you should have enough hardware resources (if you don't insist on having all 12 instances completely independent, you don't have enough timers for that) to do it but no software support yet (again: as far as I know).

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