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I've purchased a led light lamp with a remote control (using IR for trasmission).
I want to control the lamp via my Arduino, so i create a simple IR circut with a 940nm IR Led (100mA forward current) and a 2N3904 for control it. Is not the first time I'm using this circuit, I'm controlling my TV with it and all works very well!

I reversed all button of remote control of led light with irRemote library (https://github.com/shirriff/Arduino-IRremote) and an IR receiver led. The library told me the remote control using NEC protocol, and it's confirmed from the reading of raw IR code.

After that I've tried to send code to led light with sendNEC() function, but nothing happened. I also tried with raw code (registered from light remote control) as AdaFruit example for Nikon remote control (http://learn.adafruit.com/ir-sensor/making-an-intervalometer), but nothing happened.
Only for troubleshooting: I checked with a digital camera that the IR Led emit the pulse and also i checked that the code is real of 32 bits as irRemote library said

What's wrong?
I need to try different 850nm IR LED or a IR Led with a forward current of 1A (peak)?


Are you using the correct carrier frequency?
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Hi, into irRemote library i tried setting from 36 to 40KHz, but nothing changed   =(
But whitout a oscilloscope i can't measure the frequency with my IR sensor led.

This is the sample "ON" command from original remote control:
Decoded NEC: Value:FFF807 (32 bits)
Raw samples(68): Gap:30758
  Head: m9000  s4550
0:m550 s550   1:m550 s600       2:m550 s550   3:m550 s550      
4:m550 s600   5:m550 s550       6:m550 s600   7:m500 s600      
8:m550 s1700   9:m550 s1700       10:m500 s1750   11:m550 s1650      
12:m600 s1650   13:m550 s1700       14:m550 s1700   15:m550 s1700      

16:m550 s1700   17:m550 s1650       18:m600 s1650   19:m550 s1700      
20:m550 s1700   21:m550 s550       22:m550 s600   23:m550 s550      
24:m550 s600   25:m550 s550       26:m550 s550   27:m600 s550      
28:m550 s550   29:m550 s1700       30:m550 s1700   31:m550 s1700      

Mark  min:500    max:600
Space min:550    max:1750

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