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I'm having problems getting my Mega 2560 R3 to install.

I already have a Uno R3 and that works perfectly. I decided to get a Mega for development work and assumed that it would just work the same way but with more I/O toys. Both boards are the genuine Italian job, not Chinese copies.

Set-up: Windows XP SP2. Arduino boards connected to a powered USB hub.

Symptoms: The standard Windows installation fails as expected, just as it did for the Uno. When I go to the device manager to continue with the installation instructions, there is no COM port enumerated, but there is an undefined USB device. The mega has power (On light lit) and the Pin 13 (L) LED flashing about once a second. I tried unplugging the Uno in case there was a device conflict of some sort but no change.

At this point the instructions are silent and I am stuck. Any ideas gratefully received.



Answering my own question:

I updated the drivers for the undefined USB device by looking in the Drivers folder (not the FTDI folder, one up from that). This resulted in the USB interface becoming defined as an enumerated Com port and no other driver installation was required. I have just uploaded a sketch to the Mega and it all seems to be working.

I couldn't find anywhere in the documentation that covers this method. Hopefully this might be of use to someone else who has the same problem.



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I just got my first Win7 PC going and had the same problem.
My problem is the control panel does not show a driver name, you just got to go the the drivers folder and try.  Yes, this is the folder above the FT drivers.  You don't get to actually pick a file name.  Just send W7 off hunting for the driver after bypassing the warning.

Works fine now on W7 64 Bit.

Thanks for the tip.

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