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I know that a lot of people are using diptrace for designing PCB's, and this program gives verry good Gerber Output for PCB production. But after hours of "Google" did not find any good resource. So I created my own. its nice if any of you would also share there files, so we would have a place to go..
I still have to figure out to upload files here, But the board developed is for the MEGA 2560. and is the exact size of the original board, all elevated pins included with text in silk layer, and the mounting holes are also pressent. this should be a good start for developing your own shield.
next I will develop a "development board wich has enough leds, switches with and without hardware debounch, two on board potmeters, and a buzzer, the rest of the I/O points from the main board will be available the headers. this eliminate a lot of breadboard issues for a lot of development stages.. so if anyone is interested in this one also please let me know... (planning to make a basic empty shield in Diptrace for several boards)


I think the pad hole size is a bit small (20 mil, 0.5 mm).


The pads are the original size, the same as the Arduino itself, but they can easaly be changed.
Raster = 2,54 


Will this shield work for Arduino Due as well? The dimensions of both the controllers are almost same!
Is there any shield for Arduino Due for diptrace?


Thank You for posting and yes there is still somethings wrong but a great time saver

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