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I took apart my air hog helicopter and got some great parts from it.
I've only been into arduino for a few days now, and its addictive!

I used this library (http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/InfraredReceivers) to see if the receiver works. With one of the 3 IR receiver ends plugged into digital pin 2, it displays the data as its supposed to. It doesn't display any data when I move levers or push buttons on the remote control, only when I plug one of the pins into the controller.
In fact... if I plug anything into pin 2 it displays data. usually a sequence of 001100 so on and so forth.

Which makes me thing I don't even have it plugged in right. It only has 3 ends to it. Is it power, ground, and data?

Also into the future I don't even want to keep all of this this way. I would like to take apart the remove control itself, scavenge all the pieces from that as well including the transmitter. Can anyone tell me If I can use the transmitter and receiver parts with my arduino? and push me in the right direction with using them?

Thank you.

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