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Hello folks,

For my senior project I am developing an embedded controller to be used on an autonomous underwater vehicle. My device is Arduino Leonardo pin compatible and will be running off the Bowler Communication System developed by Neuron Robotics LLC (bowler.io / neuronrobotics.com). This device is meant for the development of additional hardware modules for the AUV my team is building; a standardized hardware platform with high perfromance serial communication for future student teams to design and build additional hardware modules upon that can be used to extend the capabilities of the AUV.

Right now I am in my second iteration of the PCB and hopefully final, after many alpha designs and one prototype I have give a name to my device, the marlinMSP with the MSP standing for mixed signal processor. The device features an ARM Cortex M4F/M0 asymmetrical dual core processor made by NXP the LP4337JBD144 boasting a 204MHZ core clock for both cores. It will be programmable in straight C using the NXP/ARM supplied CMSIS library that I have built from source with the necessary board specific hardware configuration headers. In addition to being programmed in C the device will also be a supported Bowler Device a device that implements the Bowler Communication System created by Neuron Robotics. Using the Bowler Communication system the device will be tethered to a PC over USB/ethernet and controlled by a Java program.  To learn more about the Bowler Communication System visit: http://www.bowler.io and http://www.neuronrobotics.com The reason I am posting this hear is because I am a big fan of open source software and hardware and as a way of giving thanks for all the projects and platfroms that have helped me achieve my goals I will be releasing the marlinMSP and all related technical documents as opensource once everything is confirmed to be fully functional!

marlinMSP Specifications:
- 204MHZ Core clock NXP LPC4337JBD144
- 10/100 Ethernet with PHY and MAC
- USB 2.0 Host/Device
- Arduino Leonardo shield/pin compatible
- 3.3v logic
- Analog inputs are 5v tolerant
- Programmable over FTDI serial or ARM Cortex JTAG Debugger or As a Bowler device

Any questions,comments, or suggestions are welcome!

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