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Hi to all, i'm a newbie with Arduino.
I'd like to know if is possibl transfer a simple bit signal on the home electric wide (for example 230AC 50Hz) and receive it with another arduino without burn the house XD
Thanks to all


Why not go wireless instead? Lot safer.
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Hi, thanks for your reply.
In reality i prefer don't crowd with many RF signals because i'm planning to connect many devices.
Any possibility?


X10 devices use mains power for data transmission. Great care is required when testing, or you could damage yourself.


Sending signals via mains is a great way you light yourself up like a xmas tree.

Many years ago when I was a kid I used the earth point of the 240v AC mains connector as an antenna to send a weak RF signal from one side of house to the other.


Use a pair of EOP (Ethernet over Power) adapters like these.
Many differant brands and models of these devices.
Range is usually around 300 feet.
Ethernet shield on 2 Arduinos plugged into the EOP adapters will do what you want.
No need to play around with the Mains.

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