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I just thought it was pretty cool.
This isn't the first of its kind but I think it's the first on youtube. What impressed me the most was the resolution of the camera - the rotation is very smooth, makes it seem pretty realistic, as if you're there. And the video quality ain't bad either, so it's not like there was a ridiculous sacrifice of that (no jitters while loading on youtube, even though the video file is actually as many times bigger as there are frames per rotation of the camera they used, aside from compression)


Hey, justa heads up, You realise your email is still visible to the world?

Looks pretty cool though.


reminds me of old quicktime VR, and doesn't work as well


reminds me of old quicktime VR

I think I may have seen that now you mention it.


reminds me of old quicktime VR, and doesn't work as well

+1 on the first note but to me it works just as well. Which is to say not very well at all.

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