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I suspect the code is wrong.

I've never used FastSPI: https://code.google.com/p/fastspi/

OTOH I noticed that near the bottom of the front page it says:

Note for people using sparkfun's ws2801 led strips - you need to call FastSPI_LED.setDataRate(1) before calling init/start. The library defaults to a data rate of 0 for ws2801 strips, which is valid for the chips on the 12v strips, but not on the 5v strips (or, at least, the 12v strips that I have here) - it's too fast and you get weird random flashing occuring.

They are dancing mad now! I should have known to include FastSPI_LED.setDataRate(1), I saw that in one of KirAsh4's other posts but didn't think to add it.

Thanks a ton for the help, my next steps are going to be to learn to control each one individually then hook up the ethernet to start addressing them from there :) I'm sure I'll have lots of questions along the way so I'll keep you informed of the progress.


For anyone interested, I ended up going with   FastSPI_LED.setDataRate(2); and it worked a lot better for this particular setup.


Yes, the dataRate is to throttle the data stream.  I haven't had any reason to go any higher than 2.  Most of my projects are running with a dataRate of 1.

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