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Hi everyone, new to the world of arduino and just began my first project.  I am trying to build a multi effect pedal controller for guitarix.  I found this code which works for my 5 pots but doesn't work for the push buttons. Basically what I am trying to do is make the push buttons send an on off signal instead of sending Note. I cant figure out how to modify the code so that the push buttons show up as a controller number instead of a note number.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hi, I made a MIDI-controller with a Teensy with Arduino bootloader, but I thought you can't send buttonstates without a note, like its always 'Note on' or 'Note off'. Pots are a little bit different when using MIDI because they need to go form 0 to 127 in value.


is there no midi command for "all notes off"?

YOu could make it so that if a potmeter is below some low value it sends this "note"
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is there no midi command for "all notes off"?

Yes. Use a Channel Mode Message for that. B0 7B 00 sets all notes off on channel 1.

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