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Hey :)

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer here.

I've decided to get into electronics, so of course my first choice to start is Arduino. After searching the internet I found this starter kit which seems totally awesome. Problem : No stock :(

So, I started browsing the forum and noticed that it seems to be out of stock pretty often... So I'm wondering if this is a good idea to wait.

Here is the thing : I'm a developper, and I know a little bit (just a little bit) of electronics. But I think starting with the starter kit would be better, at least for having the objective of the 15 projects, and by doing so getting an overview of the thing. But I don't want to wait 3 months...

So :
1) Do you think the starter kit will be available soon ? If so, do you have any idea of how much time it should take ?
2) If the starter kit can't be available soon, are there any other starter kits like this one that would deserver to be bought ?
3) Else, do you think a "simple programmer" could just get an arduino and do stuff ? If so, where should I start ?

Thanks :)

PS : I'm french, so I need something that ships in my country


Have you looked at the Earthshine Electronics kits?
They are UK, can you get them in France?

Otherwise, just order a bunch of parts from taydaelectronics.com and make your own kit up.
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It seems I can
This starter kit seems to be really cool ! It has projects similar to the original starter kit's ones. Maybe I'll take this one...


I am about to buy a starter kit, too. still waiting for a better starter kit with a  decent price. but as you said, the starter kits are often out of stock. :smiley-eek: :smiley-eek:


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Well, I searched the Internet a little bit and found out that the following online store also sells starter kit.
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but I'm not sure if tha's the one you want. I'm still considering about where to buy.


Here's a link to Arduino's list of distributors:


I started at Arduino's website and found the kit out of stock too, but searched for Arduino distributors and found one (NKC Electronics in America) that shipped it to me right away.  Scroll down the page found at the above link and you'll find a list of French distributors... good luck.

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