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i found this button in a drawer and it fits perfectly in the hole I want to install it in...I think I got it at RadioShack years ago. I googled it and all I found was this diagram:


I can't really make sense of it. Right now I have pin 3 (LED pin) through a 1k resistor and in ground, pin 2 to the arduino and pin 1 in 12V. The arduino also shares the 12V ground.

The arduino isn't recognizing the button. i want the LED in the button to stay on all the time which it is now, but no pin reading. Any idea how I could rig this up to work with an arduino? i'm so bad at switches...

Thanks for any help!


Do you own a multimeter? Try investigating it with that before you connect it to the Arduino.
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ah good idea hahaha. i'm so dumb. already fried a chip before using multimeter...but yeah it's working fine with multimeter.
so i think what the problem is, is that when the button is HIGH it's giving 12V to the arduino pin....how can i not do this?


Don't connect 12v to the button.
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... when the button is HIGH it's giving 12V to the arduino pin....how can i not do this?

Maybe you are aware already but anyway: You will kill the digital pin or whole chip by feeding 12V to it's inputs.
It's hard to tell what you should do without knowing any details on how your stuff is wired. Did you have any schematics that show your actual button wiring? Are you doing anything different than http://arduino.cc/en/tutorial/button ?

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