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Topic: [SOLVED] PROPLEME EXECUTION ARDUINO UNDER wondows 7 (Read 2221 times) previous topic - next topic


Sep 15, 2013, 06:41 pm Last Edit: Sep 18, 2013, 01:41 pm by parent Reason: 1

I installed the Arduino software on my PC under WINDOWS 7 Ultimate (DELL PRECISION M6300 and model SONY VAIO PCG-7L1M) .

The installation went smoothly (the same has been installed under Windows XP SP3).

Windows XP no problem to execute Arduino and do tests on the Arduino UNO board.

In Windows 7, I can not boot ARDUINO, the following message appears and I can not go further

"ARDUINO failed to execute because it could not create a folder to save your sketchbook."

Thank you for your help

Bests Regards


Hello! Try to log as Administrator otherwise you will be blocked to make these kind of operations.



Your response is fantastic and I thank you very much.

I opened a windows 7 session with the account "super user" and I could save and compile a program, the load on the Arduino UNO board and check the performance of my program.


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