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I am looking for a miniature toggle switch able to switch two circuits simultaneously.

Would this one be up to the task ?


Thank you in advance dear elves, hobbits and orcs !


Would this one be up to the task ?

Yes, if the contact voltage and current ratings are higher then the circuits being controlled.



Thanks (I think it's gonna be OK for voltage and current -it's for Arduino TX and RX pins).


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It'll work, although strictly speaking, you're not supposed to switch tiny currents with
a switch designed to switch huge currents, eg 16A. This is because make+break of
large currents will burn the contacts clean, but for small currents, they will gunk up
a bit over time. Your RS232 signals "may" get noisy. There are switches designed for
small signal-current switching. I think the difference is copper versus gold contacts.


It seems that what I am looking for is named a 2-pole 2-way switch (2P2T).

However I can't find one with a 1"/2.54 mm pitch from my usual european suppliers. If anyone knows where to get such ones without having to wait the 30 days delivery time associated with components bought from chinese suppliers on eBay, I'd be interested !


Got one : APEM MS-22.



Yeah, in the US, they're called DPDT = double-pole, double-throw.

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