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Hi Guys,
I'm new on electronics, programming and arduino stuff. I'm taking my first steps on connecting sensors to Arduino, and logging it into my computer.
I'll do some experiments on a boat over open sea waters at over 40 knots, so things will shake. How can I connect my sensors to Arduino pins in a reliable way?
I would like to avoid to weld it, because I want them to be  temporary connections, and also I'm not familiar in the welding technique.  Maybe I should use some kind of reliable connector? Where I could see or find those?
How could I put together a protoboard and the Arduino Uno safely united ?
I know it will be funny for an expert to check these photos of what I'm working in. Take a look if you want:  http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,150179.msg1127686.html#msg1127686



Surely you mean soldering, not welding?

Screw terminals are most likely sturdy enough and since the shield uses all the pins for connection, they should hold as well.


I offer a screw shield for Mega's.

It will work on Unos also, it will just have some unused board area sticking off.

Rugged Circuits offers a couple of versions for Uno's with spring terminals.
These partial boards

This upside down one. It doesn't appear to carry the female headers thru if that is important to you.
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