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Dear sir/madam
  this servo is digital and i can't control with arduino servo library, i learned digital servo working on 1000hz and analog servos working on 50 hz
my question is that, how can i control kds n680 hv digital servo. if you made a project using arduino and digital servo, you can tell me true way step by step

yours faithfully


What are the connections to the servo?
Digital servos normally accept 50Hz standard PWM, but have internal higher frequency PWM drivers for the motor.
Can't see any code.


Actually, i read one internet page , my servo is working 1000hz, how can i arrange to servo library? Do you have an idea? 


arduino code ise basic example knob code i only want to see how to work my system but it's not working help :|


Just use the standard arduino servo library commands, it will control your servo just fine.



How is your servo connected to the arduino and what is your power supply for the servo?
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i  connected servo ground and arduino ground to power supply negative  input and  positive input is coming from power supply for servo motor it's true way ? 

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