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Hello Community,

I am having an issue determining if the L293D is safe to use with the Arduino DUE.  Unlike the UNO, the DUE is CMOS level DIO tolerance at 3.3V - which means I need to take into consideration the chips I use with the DUE and how much current is being drawn.

I bring this up because I see some drivers shields with a 3.3V - 5.0V voltage translater for the enable (PWM) and direction pins between the micro and the L29x. I am using a shield is originally suitable for the UNO, but I am running with my DUE.

The L293D data sheet says:
- logic HI is 2.3V - Vcc (check)
- high level input current 0.2 uA: DUE supports 3 - 15 mA current (check)

Is there anything else I need to make sure?  Also the shield is using a shift register but it seems to be compatible as well for the DUE.


PS: I have been running motors already for a couple of weeks now, and everything seems to be okay, I am a bad engineer for check so late...

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