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Hi all,

I'm trying to use the API mode on XBee, with the following setup: 1 XBee S1 connected to an Arduino Fio, transmitting data to a second XBee S1 connected to a computer, where data is read using Python.

Now, after some fixed amount of sends, the data stops being received, and given the fact that the RX light on the receiver does not light up, I think it is not sent at all, even if the send() method returns and the sketch continues being executed.
This happens after exactly 19 packets, each with a 9 byte payload, are sent; I tried sending a single one byte payload, and it stops again after 36 packets or so. In both cases, packets were sent within 1 or 2 seconds distance between each other.

Any idea on where the problem may lie? Maybe some buffer being filled too much? Then why is this buffer being filled, if the initial packets are correctly sent and received?


Any idea on where the problem may lie?

I'm going to go with "in your code" for $100, Alex.

But, since we can't see your code, we can't provide much help.

The status of the lights on the sender, which is what you claim is failing, is more important than the statos of the lights on the receiver.

Of course, knowing what the receiver is doing is not unimportant.


There you go: the 1 byte payload sketch http://pastebin.com/ktHimh1q and the 9 byte payload sketch http://pastebin.com/AaN2dqx4, the Python receiver code http://pastebin.com/buCZ7sDJ.


Hi Aless,

Today is my first day with Fio +Xbee setup. No joy :(
I too have similar problem. I am using  Fio + Series 2 XBee (End device) +Temp Sensor (TMP 36) , another XBee device plugged in PC via USB explorer board.Using python XBee libary to read the serial data. (Simele script just read the serial data)

I can  see  Fio data on Serial port using FTDI board. but the Xbee not sending. But i saw, the data only 2 times... when i reset the FIO board ..after that NO DATA at Receiver  Xbee side.

I did get what you mean,  1 byte /9 byte payload sketch.  Do yo make it work.

I expect the Temp data should send every 5sec to receiver. (Same way my Arduino Uno + Xbee shield works). I tried baud rate 57600 /9600 only.. NOT sure, what i am missing? 

Any thoughts welcome !  Many thanks. :)


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