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looking to sell some items now that I've graduated :)

many of them are brand new!

take a look please:

2 Blink Max M LED boards, not the power boards, 10 for both of them (these are untested!)

color light sensor 10

open log and 1 gig microsd card 25

xbee regulated explorer 3

mq7 carbon monoxide sensor 3

infrared thermometer 10

tilt sensor 3

electret mic 3

flex sensor 5

Polar heart rate monitor interface board, 40

JPEG serial camera 30

I am also looking to sell a small cnc machine and electronics here: http://www.microcarve.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=179

please email me at mjk.kirschner@gmail.com


What, you're giving up electronics as a hobby now?
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certainly not, but losing my shop space and moving at the moment leaves me in need of some funds.

I'm keeping lots of other stuff, I had just bought a extra for different projects.



tilt and flex sensor have been sold.


tilt and flex sensor have been sold.

Who was the lucky fellow? I've been thinking about it for a couple months and I was gonna get one from sparkfun and now have to pay full price. What cruel world?!
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Who was the lucky fellow?

That would be me  :)

And I'd like to commend mjk for taking the extra care (and paying the extra postage!) to send them in a small box, instead of the padded envelope I expected, protecting the flex sensor against the risk of the envelope getting folded or crunched in transit. A lot of the alleged "professional sellers" I deal with don't bother to do that.


Thanks Ran.

I'm moving very soon and my new apartment is tiny, so I will literally have no space a 10amp 24v linear psu and a bunch of stepper motors, any interest email me for some shots.

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