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Eventough it always interested me, I have never had any training in electronics or anything to do with computers.
Some time ago i got really interested in webdesign and decided to learn HTML and CSS. Then i thought learning a little bit of Java (and jQuery) would also come on handy.
Learning alone from books would be possible, of course, but really boring.
I was lucky enough to find a couple of really cool websites where we can learn in a kind of "game", so you learn by doing "interactive" tasks.
Take a look at this sites:
I am no expert in any of this programing languages, but i am MUCH better (and in much shorter time) than i would be if i had learned only by myself.

So now i thought, why not have something like this to learn Arduino (learn the physical part about inputs, outputs, components,... and also the coding part). That would be amazing!!!

I do not have the coding knowledge to create something like this, but i would be very interested in working together with someone on creating such a learning platform.

I could imagine that this would be something very useful for lots of people that, like me, try to learn from watching videos on youtube, reading tutorials and asking in forums and just trying to make something out of it!
I would have loved to have the chance to learn arduino also with such a "course" (hmmm, actually, i still have sooooooo much to learn, that maybe one day i actually can!!  ;)  )

Any ideas on this?

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