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Ok, I'm in a mix now.
I like the iPhone 4 very much, but I also like Android phones.
Well a member here (bld) helped me make my mind and I'm ready to buy the iP4. Or should I wait and expect a new and better one to come? Thanks!


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There are upsides and downsides for all phones, no doubt about that.

But it all depends on what you want, if you want fancy animations to look at and 1000 settings to play with, then you should get something with android.

If you want something that looks clean, and does what you need, without you having to think about what you actually do, and if it might break something, then a ios device would be what you should get.

So it all depends on your personality.

And don't do what others tell you to, try them yourself, then take what you want, thats the only way to really be happy about the choice.
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The new iPhone will come out in June/July, so if you want to wait that long, get that one, if you don't, get the iPhone 4

(assuming you're only looking at iPhones)


Apple products generally hold resell value very well (for electronics anyway.)  Partially because of demand, partially because of the limited number of available models.  

So if you were to experiment, I would suggest starting with an iPhone 4.  You'll be able to resell it for close to what you originally paid.  Unless there is something extraordinarily unique about an Android-based model, the same idea won't hold true.  

Personally, I like having the iPhone as my cell phone.  However, being a geek Android looks like a lot of fun to play with.  I'd like to see an inexpensive Android tablet (that doesn't require a data contract).  Then I could have best of both worlds.
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Yeah I do like a clean and simple interface and no doubt iPhone is good at that.
@bld: no thanks, I don't think I'll have time for those 1000 settings :P
I've been already been waiting for the iPhone 4 to come to India, but no avail yet. I have compared many phones against the iPhone, and yeah it does have it's own down sides, like attenuation, but that's also solved now, no bluetooth transfer, but I know there must be an app for it too considering the million apps it has to offer :D
And secondly, It's a good gaming device too, so that's a huge plus point for me :P
anyways, I'll wait until July for the next iPhone to launch, otherwise probably the iP4's price should drop.
And yeah, the resale value is also what's good about it.

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