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Do you really think such very specific evidence exists, for the Arduino, or any other electronics board?

Well, yes, considering you wrote this:
if I quote you expert sources that say you're mistaken

You're also saying my point was ``logical'' when I provided no more reasoning behind my statement than anyone else disagreeing with you.

As for an actual point of conversation, have you considered how much "resource" "humanity" would consume if they changed the packaging, versus the extra "resources" of designing a new one, or folding it differently, or whatever. It's a lot more complicated than "more = worse"


@modeller: What I see here is argument ad hominem, mainly from you and in most of your posts.


I'm going to move this to Bar Sport. I think you are time-wasting, trolling or both.
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That is a ridiculous amount of paper, probably just for retail marketing purposes.


Spock, would you think it's just logical to receive answers like this when you don't use your medication?

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That was the closest match in english I could find.

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@modeller: What I see here is argument ad hominem, mainly from you and in most of your posts.

Of course that's what you see. That's because you cannot answer my refutations, so you try to find a way of not having to do it.


I'm going to move this to Bar Sport. I think you are time-wasting, trolling or both.

I protest this. This action proves  you are not serious about any suggestions. I posted a serious topic and if people are posting silly and/or short responses that have nothing to do with the point, what am I do do but try to get it back on track?

For example, I answered your reply but you didn't even respond.

Here's your reply and my answer. Does that sound like I'm trolling? Why don't you moderate the people who are trolling, instead of accusing me of it?

My guess is, that since the device is aimed at the hobby market, they expect that the first thing the new owner will do is open it up and hold it in their hands. The ESD bag would just slow that process down slightly. In the absence of warnings about "only use at an ESD-safe workstation", which would go against the whole hobbyist approach, there isn't much point about worrying about ESD.

Hello Nick,

I a little shocked (no pun intended) that I'm even having this ESD packaging debate with some of the people here who are obviously highly skilled in electronics, so instead of quoting the sources I was going to quote, let's take the argument in your "hobbyist" direction.

Every single card I've ever bought for my computer hobby over the years, as far as I can remember, has been shipped in an ESD protective bag. I open it's box and it's sitting there in an ESD bag. Video cards, USB cards, Firewire cards, memory sticks, Wireless PCI cards, network adapters, and so on.

Why, if these computer items are meant for hobbyists, as your line of reasoning goes, were they then shipped in ESD bags? These manufacturers seem to agree with my logic - the industriy's logic and ESD standards.

How do you think are they different from the Arduino circuit board?


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I protest this.

Protest away.
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