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So! You have a neat little device on the internet, or maybe just your LAN, and it generates a webpage, reporting the readings off of some sensors.

And, to date, you go and look at the readings with a web browser.

If you can modify the IoT data source to make it include a line with the sensor readings in a machine-friendly form, I can off a Windows program (free download, no "registration", etc to do) which will look at your IoT data source from time to time, and draw a graph of the readings seen. The readings are also saved on the "watching" computer's hard disk, in a data file: http://sheepdogsoftware.co.uk/ssfw004_kitfork.htm

If you don't have such an IoT data source, I also provide a "how to" for that. START SMALL... it is EASY (ish) (and not expensive!... $30?) to put such a thing on your LAN, and "watch" it from a Windows machine on the same LAN. Once you've got that much working, then you "take it to the next level"... being visible from anywhere on the internet. No changes needed to the IoT data source, or to the Watcher to do this upgrade. http://sheepdogguides.com/elec/misc/esp8266/Esp8266-Arduserver.htm

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