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Kuya Marc

[glow]It's Breaking News![/glow]

Hello Everybody! I'm Kuya Marc, the founding director of the original 1992 MirandaSoft (from USA, presently offline). (I hate talking about myself!)

June 2010 - ProtoStack from Australia instroduces me to Atmel AVR with the ATmega168 Development Kit & USBasp, as my birthday gift.

September 2010 - I began teaching myself the Arduino Programming Language, on my own. Became a Lone Gunman at Arduino!

October 2010 - I began experimenting with Arduino bootloaders with the ProtoStack boards.

November 2010 - Successfully constructed two Arduino-compatible boards using ATmega8L mCUs with 16 MHz crystals.

December 2010 - Completed building a total of 12 Atmel AVR boards for the year 2010. 9 of those boards are Arduino-compatible!

January 2011 - I've deleted my hobby blog and Signed up with Arduino Forum. I figured it's time to meet other Arduino hobbyists.

Locally Available Atmel AVRs (Metro Manila, Philippines): ATtiny2313V, ATmega8515, ATmega8L, ATmega169PV, and ATmega128. I won't consider ATmega169PV and ATmega128 because I don't know how to do SMT soldering!

Incoming, as of this writing, from Seeed Studio: Seeeduino V2.2 (ATmega328), Wiznet Ethernet Shield, SD Card Shield, a 2 8x8 Red matrix LED squares. (That was the limitation of my PayPal account!)

New for 2011: I plan to start Ethernet and SD Card projects with Arduino, using my (future, not yet arrived) Seeeduino board.

Originally, I was going to get the Arduino UNO from RS Components Philippines, as referred by the Arduino Team, but they're too slow, and seemed to have forgotten about me when I was ordering from Seeed Studio website. As of this writing, I have cancelled my order with RS Components, 3 hours ago, because they refused to lower the price of the Arduino UNO.

However, the Arduino UNO is presently on my shopping cart at Seeed Studio. I waiting for my first order to arrive before paying for my second order.

Why do I still want to buy the Arduino UNO? I have built 9 Arduino-compatible boards, so far. As I told my wife, it's time for me to buy the real branded thing, so I can experience Italian-made electronics technology. (Seeeduino, to experience Chinese-made microcontroller development board technology; not sold locally.)

Anyways, this is all for now. Have a nice day, everybody!

Kuya Marc
I run Xubuntu Linux as my only computer operating system!
Windows does not run here; Only


(I hate talking about myself!)

No you don't - but welcome, all the same!

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.

Kuya Marc

Thank you for welcoming me to Arduino Forum!
I run Xubuntu Linux as my only computer operating system!
Windows does not run here; Only


Welcome, although reading your post I felt like if you were a celebrity 'geek' ;D

Kuya Marc

Well, I'm just a geek that's addicted to making Arduino-compatible boards... ;)
I run Xubuntu Linux as my only computer operating system!
Windows does not run here; Only


I think you will be pleased with your Seeeduino 328. It's not just a clone but rather a updated design having several improvements (in my opinion) over the standard Arduino. I've been very impressed with their version of the mega board.


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