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I use the DUE with an ethernet Shield R3 and shifted now from the SD library to the SdFat library.
So that the ethernet functions generally, I must set the parameter


After this, the SD card and also the Ethernet works.

In my sketch, I transfer a file per FTP to the SD card.  But the speed is in the DUE now about 3x slower as on the MEGA (same sketch, same SD card). In the MEGA, i use a buffer of 255byte, on the DUE i tested 255, 1024, 4096byte but the speed is the same).

Is there a trick of side of the SdFat library to optimize the interaction with the ethernet library on the DUE?  Why is it 3x faster on the MEGA?
Reading from SD is faster on the DUE as on the MEGA.

btw: the original SD-library is even slower on the MEGA and DUE as the powerfull SdFat.

Thank you very much.

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