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I have been reading about Arduino for awhile now, and surprisingly got a UNO for my birthday!

I have been playing around with some of learning material, and have been blinking the heck out of pin 13.I

I ordered a couple hall effect sensors and I am going to play with them next.  What I think I would like to do (and from popping around the net, seems I'm not the only one.) is put them in the garage door... one at the base of the door and the other at the top, and then set up a sketch to see if I can accurately code the correct readings. 

I have a long ways to go, but if i can get that going good, I might try a relay and see if I can add an input correctly to see if I can make the door operate.

Well nothing to bug anyone with yet, just wanted to say hello, and after reading the forum rules, I believe this was the correct place to post.


Hello, good luck.
Using the hall effect sensors to trigger a relay across your garage door push button for a stop indicator seems like a good start.
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